Conversation with Rory Duff

Source: Heather Ensworth

Feb 29, 2024

Rory Duff’s website: Focus for energies during solstices and equinoxes (in northern hemisphere, note the different seasons for southern hemisphere): 14:23 – Winter solstice 2023 – peace

18:25 – Spring equinox 2024 – hope

20:03 – Autumn equinox 2024 – joy

20:53 – Winter solstice 2024 – self-esteem, self-confidence

Rory Duff is a geobiologist and pioneer in the research and understanding of leylines and Earth energies. He was the first to rediscover the most powerful lines in the world, the Emperor Dragon lines. He also has been a pioneer in developing the scientific understanding of the origins of these energies, their relationship with sound waves and how they related to Universal or Cosmic Consciousness He has written several books including: Grail Found – about his understanding of the Templars search for the Holy Grail Grail Bound – an in-depth exploration of the leylines and Earth energies and how the shifts in these energies in recent years related to ancient prophecies about our movement into the new Age or new World. He is a leader in guiding others in how we can work with these energies in this profound time of transformation.

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