What is Happening in Rwanda?

included in this upload is an extremely harrowing testimony


28 June 2023

In today’s episode of News of Afrique, we will discuss a disturbing incident in Rwanda where a body was found hanging from a bridge in Kigali. The incident highlights a concerning trend of bodies being discovered in rivers, hanging from bridges, and even in trees, with little investigation into their identities and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. Speculation arises regarding the alleged involvement of Kagame’s secret services, suspected of targeting and eliminating victims. The host mentions a video shared by Rosine Bazongere, who expressed concerns about the increasing number of deaths in her region. Local and security authorities swiftly responded to the crime scene, identifying the deceased as a 25-year-old from Nyaruguru District. Residents speculate about the circumstances, suggesting criminal involvement or personal conflicts. The host concludes by emphasizing the need for further investigation to uncover the truth behind these incidents and hopes for more information in future updates


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