South Africa and the Anglo-American Corporation: Africa’s Liberation from the Rhodes’ Legacy is Now

Presentation by PD Lawton – topics discussed: political leverage by South Africa`s largest and oldest corporation, HIV AIDS – Dr Nancy Turner Banks, Black Economic Empowerment, Robert Sobukwe, ESKOM and the attack on South African industrial capacity

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

25 June 2023

Today’s Africa is seeing a re-emergence of a robust Pan-Africanism, and break from imperialism unseen in the last several centuries. What is the nature of those imperial structures which have kept the “dark continent” trapped in dark age conditions for over 120 years and how did the British-imperial nest around Cecil Rhodes set the stage for the worst atrocities of Africa’s history since the second Boer War? How has the multipolar alliance changed the rules of the zero sum game that has kept Africa exploited and how can the age of empire finally come to an end?

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