The Sell-Out of Sovereignty that is Leading to War

“When you`ve got a private banking system trying to maximise profit [they call cash inefficient and therefore say we must get rid of it]. Take the profit motive away in banking, have a service mode instead for the general welfare and the public good and you have a completely different outlook on what banking should look like. And that is why you have other policies like Glass-Steagall separating out the speculative side of banking to the actually necessary retail side of banking. There`s a whole raft of policies that have been destroyed in the last 40 years that used to protect customers against the ravages of the private banks. We are talking about a dictatorship that is out of control..”.

Source: Australian Citizens Party

21 January 2023

1. Banks herding the vulnerable into danger

2. The sell-out of sovereignty that’s leading to war

Presented by Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood

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