Ukraine: The Search for Peace

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If our diplomats and media truly had been concerned to prevent war in Ukraine, they would have denounced Ukraine’s disregard for the status of the Crimea in 1995; they would have deplored the 2014 coup d’état; they would have condemned the discrimination against Russian-speaking, Hungarian-speaking and Romanian-speaking minorities by the unelected Ukrainian authorities in 2014…

Ukraine: The Search for Peace

This article was discussed just before 50 minutes into the 4 January episode of UK Column News when it appeared in the original German. It has been translated by Alex Thomson and is published with the permission of the author and of Zeitgeschehen im Fokus. Footnotes and graphics have been omitted.

As a Swiss Army colonel, Jacques Baud (who now resides in Belgium and who was recently interviewed in English by James Delingpole) was in charge of monitoring Warsaw Pact forces in the final years of the Cold War for the Strategic Intelligence Service of Switzerland. His book on the Russia-Ukraine war is currently available in French only.

Our media are currently showing us tragic footage of children and civilians who have taken refuge in the Kiev metro in the cold and dark to seek shelter from the bombs. This is heart-rending, and they merit our sympathy. Naturally, it is easy to blame Russia for it; but neither these Ukrainians nor our [Western] media, diplomats or governments showed the same compassion for those other Ukrainians who were bombed by Kiev’s armed forces in the Donbas for eight years and who have spent every Christmas and winter in the same conditions since 2014. How come?

The fact is that for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias, the people in the Donbas are only “subhumans” who do not deserve our compassion. This position was shared for eight years by our media, which never raised their voice against these attacks. The death toll among these people, surpassing 10,000, has moved neither our media nor our diplomats, who are so concerned about respect for international humanitarian law—but only for certain kinds of people!

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