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Africa calls for fair Representation in UN Security Council.

a wonderfully inspiring interview  with Mitree Manik of the Organic African Paradigm on OBN Future Africa which discusses the SHIFT IN AFRICAN CONSCIOUSNESS THAT HAS BEEN INITIATED  IN ETHIOPIA , due to recent events!

Aluta Continua, a vitória é certa

Source: OBN Oromiyaa [ Oromia Broadcasting Network]

Africa calls for

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In Defence of RET and All That Jacob Zuma Stands For

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BLF calls for National Shutdown until President Zuma is released, and other demands are met

10 July 2021

“what happened in Egypt is a great lesson. the masses may rise up, but without a revolutionary theory and organisational capacity reactionary forces take over and reverse Read the rest

Ethiopia Election: A Vote for Peace, Unity, and Prosperity

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Ethiopia Election: A Vote for Peace, Unity, and Prosperity

Below is a 30 minute interview with on the Ethiopian national elections conducted on June 21, 2021. It was conducted in the studio of Prime Media on the June 23rd, in Addis Ababa.

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The Strategic Hour with Matt Ehret: The Ugly Roots of the Green New Deal Exposed.

green neo-feudalism in a uni-polar world vs the industrialized multi-polar world

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

The Strategic Hour with Matt Ehret: The Ugly Roots of the Green New Deal Exposed.

27 April 2021

In this week’s episode of the Strategic Hour, Matt Ehret, and V the Guerilla Economist discuss the … Read the rest

Three Stories of Deep State/Media Corruption

Source: LaRouchePAC Videos

Three Stories of Deep State/Media Corruption

22 December 2020

The blatant lies and corrupt actions in defense of the collapsing imperial global order are increasingly visible to growing numbers of people. Today we have an update on three stories which require a response from the American people Read the rest

Ouattara Elected President: Cote d’Ivoire Poised for Progress

Cote d’Ivoire, a potential economic hub in West Africa, is already exporting energy to several nations in the region and transporting goods from its port via rail to landlocked Niger and Burkina Faso. With the modernized Abidjan port, Cote d’Ivoire offers a vital gateway for development in West Africa.

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Address the Root Cause of Suffering

the Empire will do anything but address the root cause of unhappiness, that includes increasing oppression by the surveillance driven police state

Source: Australian Citizens Party

24 July 2020 – Citizens Report – Economic crash drives war threat / End recession by manufacturing

1. Six month countdown to post-crash war?Read the rest

William Binney Makes His Case To The World: There Was No Russian Hack

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Internet Press Conference with Bill Binney — Thursday, July 23, 11 a.m. EDT

Is there actually a way to know, and to then prove, that the “Russiagate” story of the 2016 elections—a story which resulted in massive federal prosecutions, escalating international tensions, national … Read the rest