Rabat, Morocco – Paris in 10 hrs by Rail

excellent video of Moroccon super high speed rail 320-350km/hr and plans for further inter-city and region connectivity including under-sea tunnel to connect the African continent by high speed rail to Europe! Rabat – Madrid in 6 hrs. Rabat -Paris in 10hrs

Source: Railways Explained

16 October 2021

Today, Railways Explained brings the story of the first high-speed railway in Africa – Morocco’s Al Boraq. Linking the two cities, Casablanca and Tangier, Al Boraq was named after the mythical creature that, according to a legend, transported Islamic prophets, among others, the Prophet Muhammad – for example, from Mecca to Jerusalem, during a so-called Night Journey. Carried out in cooperation with the French SNCF, it is not just the crown jewel of Moroccan rail transport, but in fact of the entire African continent. As we often do in similar videos, we discussed the background and broad context of the project, including the strategic documents published by the state, early studies on feasibility, strategic interests to relieve the existing routes and end the isolation of certain areas, etc; the scope of the project, including the selected alignment, technology, and applied systems; rolling stock, which was produced by Alstom; budget and financing framework; issues that occurred during construction; and finally, the performance of the service.

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