South Africa:Plans for Super High Speed Rail in Progress

Currently Gautrain ( 80km Johannesburg-Pretoria) is South Africa`s fastest train at 160km/hr . At the recent Southern African Transport Conference held in Pretoria the possibilities of high speed rail in excess of 160km/hr were discussed. This is excellent news for the South African economy .

South Africa is working with China on research into implementation of networks that run on speeds in excess of 160km/hr.  Morocco is currently Africa`s only super high speed rail which runs at average of 320km/hr. Travel time between South African cities could be reduced by over 50% among countless other benefits of high speed rail which is a key driver of the Chinese economic success.

Source: SABC

12 July 2023

South Africa’s plans to introduce high-speed trains as part of its new National Rail Policy has formed part of discussions on day three of the 41st Southern African Transport Conference. The country has set up a framework to make rail a more affordable, competitive and effective transport mode that provides the backbone of the country’s freight logistics, economy and passenger mobility. SABC Economics Reporter Katlego Legodi has more for us.


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