Nuclear Energy for a Greener, More Powerful African Future!

“Nuclear as a green energy source must be taken seriously now!”

Take this opportunity to learn from Princy about energy and the role that nuclear energy must play in addressing Africa`s energy deficit!

Source: Africa4Nuclear

S2E2 Africa4Nuclear: The circular economy

11 Nov 2021

Nuclear for Africa’s Prosperity!


In this episode, Princy explores how, moving towards a circular economy, countries can live up to their collective #COP26 climate change commitments.

Africa4Nuclear is a platform that takes you through the evolution of energy and how nuclear energy and its range of applications have become a driving force that can improve lives all across Africa.

Princess ‘Princy’ Mthombeni is the receipt of the Women in Nuclear Global Excellence Award 2021, awarded by Women in Nuclear Global. Follow us on tiktok, twitter, facebook and instagram for more on Nuclear Energy. Email us on

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