Neo-Liberalism: Economic slavery dressed as freedom/ Javier Milei defends Fascism

Private Profits vs Public Good
Neo-liberal corporate managerialism colliding with community orientated essential services
state services are made to follow the corporate model…usually prior to privatization
For the profit motive not the common good
Corporate `autocrats` are hired to run the corporation : think only profit
This has happened across the board in UK, Australia, South Africa. It has taken over America which is why America has the most expensive health care system with the worst track record. In Australia it happened to the Post Office of Australia. However, Christine Holgate came in and showed you can run a corporatized public service and serve both profit and public good. She was then targetted and falsely accused.

[Is this not what happened in Eskom under Brian Molefe? Molefe was running a good model. Eskom staff were working well together under his management AND Eskom was ticking along just fine.]

second part of upload:
Argentina`s( WEF Young Leader ) Javier Milei defends monopolies, defends Fascism
Private institutions taking over Government is the definition of fascism

British East India Company : corporate fascism . American economic success due to Alexander Hamilton creating NATIONAL BANKING as oppose to Central Bank MONOPOLY

Source: Australian Citizens Party

Jan 25, 2024

1. The UK scandal that also threatens essential services in Australia

2. Don’t be conned into economic slavery dressed as freedom

Presented by Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood

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