DR Congo joins the East Africa Community bloc

Brilliant news for Congo, especially the east. Analysts say 5 years from now eastern Congo is finally  going to be transformed. The biggest game-changer for the economy will be the railway link-ups to Dar es Salaam via Bujumbura and Kigali to Bukavu and Goma.

Source: CGTN Africa

Talk Africa: DR Congo joins the East Africa Community bloc

2 April 2022

DR Congo has officially joined the East African Community this week; making it the 7th member of the regional bloc. The move is considered momentous; ushering in opportunities for socio-economic and political development. But the EAC isn’t without its share of problems. Political intrigues and suspicion have previously beset the union and now conflict in the DRC adds to these challenges. So what does the DRC’s membership mean for the EAC bloc? And how will this development impact the lives of people in the region?

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