China`s Good Role in Africa

“Without infrastructure you cannot have economic growth. In fact, if you look at Africa`s growth especially during the turn of this century it has been infrastructure led. In terms of needs, Africa has a financing gap of about $170 billion annually for the development of infrastructure.

Of that only $70 billion is generated internally through each of these economies. In other words, the funding gap is about $100 billion. Now that gap is big and so Africa has to rely on external sources of funding and some of it normally would come or has tended to come from friendly countries like China.” – Erastus Mwencha, former Deputy Chair of the African Union Commission

“Without China`s confidence in our country,  the private sector would not have invested in our country” – former President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta

Source: CGTN Africa

How China is helping to shape-up Africa’s transport infrastructure

22 October 2022

Africa lags behind other regions in road infrastructure development. Financing challenges coupled with other hiccups meant the continent couldn’t only focus on its transport infrastructure. But this has changed over the past couple of years as Africa turned to #China for financial, technological and skills assistance. The now budding China-Africa alliance has put the continent on a clear path to transport infrastructural development.

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