Globalists Hold South Africa`s Power Producer to Ransom

Globalists Hold South Africa`s Power Producer to Ransom

by PD Lawton     28 October 2022

Recently announced facts, make it clear that the Globalists behind the Green New Deal/Great Reset, are indeed holding Eskom, South Africa`s power utility, to ransom.

South Africans are being threatened with increasing levels of power outages, and in the case of hospitals, literal life support.
They are being told that the ransom money must be paid to IPPs (Independent Power Producers) to increase solar and wind power supply. Eskom subsidizes the renewable industry, by the way.
So far, Eskom has subsidized the renewable industry the equivalent of what it would have cost to build another Koeberg nuclear power plant.

Andre de Ruyter is the CEO of Eskom and is the Globalist`s inside man orchestrating what can only be described as the kidnapping of South Africa`s electricity. He continues to threaten South Africans and recently said at the Africa Renewables Investment Summit in Cape Town ; if IPPs are not allowed to invest R1.2 trillion in South Africa, the country will go to stage 15 load shedding.

The Globalist goal is not to save the planet by reducing CO2. The goal is to de-industrialize and in the case of South Africa, Africa`s most industrialized economy, it is to attack any attempt at further industrialization which is the only path to eliminate poverty. They want to keep Africans in the dark as they turn the lights out in Europe.

Andre de Ruyter is selling Eskom off (cheaply) as a `dead horse`. Engineers, power station managers, personnel that have common sense and practical ability know that Eskom is no `dead horse`.

There has been a relentless campaign to undermine Eskom`s capacity from within, since the days of the decent management of Brian Molefe who detailed this undermining in a series of interviews since removed from public viewing by YouTube. The interviews were conducted by the media platform ANN7 which was defunded in 2018 when the Globalists turned off the lights in South Africa on free speech.

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