Africa’s Energy Sector: Challenges, Potentials, and Role of Nuclear Power

If the African Union is serious about wanting a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development, they would start at addressing their energy mix and include nuclear, as soon as possible. Because when we speak about issues of energy, we need to address both short term and long term goals. What they are focussing on now, is short term goals. What will happen after 10 years? Or after 20 years, when we have built those renewable power plants and we are realizing that they are really not addressing the issues that we wanted them to address. We now have to go back to the drawing board and say …let us think about nuclear.
Will it not be too late by then?”  – Princy Mthombeni, founder of Africa4Nuclear

Sub Saharan Africa excluding the Republic of South Africa – per capita electricity consumption : 180kWh

USA: 13,000kWh

Europe: 6,500kWh

World average per capita electricity consumption: 3,500kWh

Africa uses 20x less than the world average.

Africa has 17% of the world population and 4% of the electricity consumption

Source: BRIX Sweden

Africa’s Energy Sector: Challenges, Potentials, and Role of Nuclear Power

1 June 2022

What are the challenges facing the African energy sector and what is the potential? What is the role of China, United States and Europe? In this new webcast from the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX), we explore these questions with Princy Mthombeni, Founder of Africa4Nuclear in South Africa, and Jason Ross, Scientific Advisor for the International Schiller Institute, USA. Host is Hussein Askary, Vice-Chairman of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden.

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