Zuma Will Not Vote ANC

Zuma Will Not Vote ANC

by PD Lawton, 18 Jan 2024

Under President Cyril Ramaphosa, there is a segment within the ANC that has increasingly become corrupt. Through this element, lead by Ramaphosa, South Africa is further liberalizing the economy to the detriment of economic improvement for all of its citizenry. The Commonwealth model has made South Africa the most unequal society in the world.

Ramaphosa has long been recognized by many South Africans as the proxy president of the Anglo-American establishment in South Africa. The Anglo-American establishment are the legacy dynasties of Cecil John Rhodes who gained monopoly over the resources of the country more than a century ago. Ramaphosa`s entire career has been molded by them. Rhodes worked with London`s Milner group to use the resources of South Africa for the benefit of the City of London and Wall Street financiers who created the false `free market` system of neo-liberal economics.

Former president Jacob Zuma announced at a press briefing in December 2023 that he will not vote for the ANC in the forthcoming elections. He stated he will remain a member but has registered a new party, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), which is historically the name of the armed wing of the ANC.

The reasons given were read out by his daughter, Duduzile ,at the press conference.

Zuma has stated that his recent move is to rescue the ANC and return it to its original purpose as the liberation movement of South Africa. Zuma has been on trial for what is described as` State Capture`. Ironically, it was state capture that Zuma, during his presidency, was attempting to dismantle under his proposed Radical Economic Transformation (RET).

The Anglo American establishment of South Africa is known as White Monopoly Capital, WMC. In the case of South Africa, the monopoly capital is predominantly white with the exception of Patrice Motsepe who is a relative new-comer and was created by the Anglo-American cartel who gifted him the first black-owned mining company, Rainbow Minerals.

This WMC network do indeed have a monopoly over the economy from supermarket chains to distribution networks, agriculture in terms of basic food including sugar and maize, to coal, gold and platinum mining and of course the media. They exert pressure politically but worst of all they exert pressure over the South African Reserve Bank by the appointment of Treasurer and Governor.

The registering of Zuma`s MK party is a protest. The ANC cannot be destroyed. It is part of the fabric of South Africa and intrinsic to the ending of apartheid. It contains some of the country`s best qualified leadership, in terms of Africanist vision and integrity. These are politicians like Ministers Gwede Mantashe, Naledi Pandor and Enoch Godongwana.

The real threat to South Africa is a coalition government that will by its nature render government weak and ineffective. That was the reason `outside forces` had a hand in the making of Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who now have 10% of the vote. The EFF was started after the Marikana massacre in 2012. Marikana was a `false flag` event engineered to destroy trust in the ANC. It is no co-incidence that the unarmed miners who were shot were protesting at the Lonmin platinum mine which was a London registered company, rebranded in 2019 as Sibanye-Stillwater. The event was so shocking that it is considered the country`s second Sharpeville.

Ramaphosa was a Board Member at the time. Marikana gave birth to the EFF which has played its part in destroying the credibility of Zuma`s government and continues to be a political weapon against progress within the country as Malema remains a foreign investment deterrent.

Zuma said of his new party  :

“The new people’s war starts today. The only crucial difference is instead of the bullet this time we will use the ballot.”

It is solely down to the efforts of Jacob Zuma that South Africa is in the enviable position as a member of the BRICS which puts this country in an important role within the new multipolar world order. Zuma is right when he says the new people’s war starts today as development anywhere within the continent is something that is having to be fought for. It is fighting for freedom from the Western oligarchy`s Rules Based Order.


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