What do Ethiopians Think of PM Abiy Ahmed?

the following is a comment written by an Ethiopian reader of Lawrence Freeman`s website, Africa and the World. The comment embodies the mood of this nation and how fiercly protective they feel towards their leadership, sovereignty and the road to prosperity and unity that Ethiopia is fighting for all  Africans

It’s great to know that Lawrence has such able and committed kindred spirits out there. It is also so refreshing and empowering to realize that there are many among us, individuals with integrity and goodwill in these complicated times. As to Dr. Abiye, he is indeed the leader we have been waiting for in our entire lifetime (if not our entire history) Strategic minded, brilliant, honorable, compassionate, articulate, humble, soldier and philosopher, generous. I could go on and on. He is indeed the true inheritor
of the continents’ pioneers search for African Unity. When East Africa gets integrated economically it will ignite the fire that will propel the rest of Africa to join hands and fulfill the dream. That will declare to the world that the black man has earned a place at the global round table. As Lawrence has tirelessly preached to the open hearted or those who believe in shared prosperity for years I will say “It is the economy baby!”


PM Abiy Ahmed Raises the Bar for Human Rights in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

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