“We Need A One State Solution” – Prof. Avi Shlaim, an Arab Jew, Destroys Israel’s Myths

Professor Avi Shlaim is an extraordinarily dignified voice of reason. He is a  revisionist historian of Israel and Zionism who defines himself as an Arab Jew. He explains how Jews co-existed peacefully  in all Arab states, he himself grew up in Iraq, until the British created Israel and Zionism became a tool of extreme oppression of the Palestinians. He wants history to come full circle and for there to be Jewish-Muslim coexistance within one democratic peaceful state.

Source: Owen Jones

Jan 8, 2024

Avi Shlaim is one of the great living historians: Professor of International Relations at Oxford University, he’s a proud self-described Arab Jew, born in Baghdad in 1945. That heritage has deeply influenced him, and we talk about Zionism, the real history of Israel that is often erased, defying the attempt to start the clock on 7th October, the question of state terrorism, how there could have been a different approach to Hamas, genocide – and why a one state giving equal rights to all is the solution. His new book, appropriately enough, is ‘Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew’.

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