US Mercenaries, Western NGOs and their Nefarious Impact on the African Continent

The co-opting of the Congo resistance, the Congo struggle in the United States by the intelligence sector is profound and this involves these various, not all, Congolese coalition groups. And the Enough Project is a project for the Centre for American Progress, was founded by John Podesta , the Chief of Staff for William Jefferson Clinton who was in office at the time of the invasion of Rwanda and Congo , involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, if we are going to talk about genocides . And the Centre for American Progress has funded the students taking action against genocide in Darfur, which is STAND, STAND chapters and Raise Hope for Congo; these chapters have popped up all over American campuses funded by the Centre for American Progress, generally. Where the money for the Centre for American Progress comes from is not transparent, we don’t know where it’s coming from. The International Crisis Group is an intelligence sector, deep intelligence sector, Pentagon related organization and they are also part of founding the Enough group, also funded by the Center for American Progress. So you’ve got the Enough group, you’ve got Raise Hope for Congo, Save Darfur, the STAND movement , the ONE movement , the Resolve movement for Uganda. And all these films and these glossy brochures , all this hype, and all these special panels about stopping genocide in the Congo by creating legislation that will eliminate the possibility of conflict minerals, that’s all the co-opted movement by the intelligence sector….”

Keith Harmon Snow in conversation with Your World News Media

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