Super comprehensive presentation for the Free Market Foundation in Johannesburg,on nuclear energy by South African civil nuclear engineer,Hügo Krüger.

Image: Tsipise, Venda

The following are some of the key issues presented:

Nuclear Power Basics: excellent explanation of how a nuclear plant works. Energy and Economics: energy densities of different fuels. Why does nuclear energy have such a bad name? Nuclear Energy versus other energy sources: in defense of being a baseloader. Fear and Alarm: Radiophobia, the activists and the NGO Industrial Complex. Radiation Explained: effects of radiation – Chernobyl, Fukushima, Goiania – Brazil. How did the current theory of radiation theory become accepted? Hotspas at Tsipise, Vendaradioactive but very green and holiday resort. Why do Germans go to hotspas and yet shut down nuclear plants? Signs of Overregulation, Mafias. Could nuclear power help to resolve South Africa`s electricity and water crisis?

Source: Free Market Foundation

The future of nuclear energy | Hügo Krüger

Streamed live on Sep 7, 2023

Discussion points: – Why does nuclear energy have such a bad name? – Nuclear energy versus other energy sources (e.g. fossil fuels, renewables) – From Pressurized Water reactors to Advanced Reactors. – Could nuclear power help to resolve South Africa’s electricity crisis? – Overcoming regulatory and political obstacles to nuclear energy. – Where to from here?

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