The Crime of Jacob Zuma

The Crime of Jacob Zuma

by PD Lawton ,    30 July 2018

Tensions are increasing in South Africa. Politically the country is divided with the deepest scism yet appearing within the ruling party of the ANC. Socially and economically South Africa is at break-point as wealth inequality reaches an obscene high, leaving the majority who live outside of the goldfish bowl, in a state of desperation. Recent hikes in electricity, fuel and food prices are pushing this nation to the brink. Now the issue of land expropriation is being manipulated to be a catalyst for disaster instead of a bridge to unity.

Cecil John Rhodes, one of the South African founding oligarchs who became Prime Minister of the Cape Colony in 1890 once remarked on the necessity to own and control the colony`s media for, as he said,” the press rules the minds of men.”

The `captured` South African media of today are feeding the population fake news. Those who have been duped by the election of Cyril Ramaphosa to the office of president, remain fixated by the meaningless fluctuation of the Rand on the world stock markets while Zuma`s economic reforms are given junk status.

The media have made a clean job of Zuma `s character assassination by linking his name to every piece of filth they can find or invent in order to influence popular opinion. He has now been replaced with the Oppenheimer asset, Cyril Ramaphosa, supported by his coterie of the South African black elite, the likes of his brother-in-law Patrice Motsepe who, like Ramaphosa, were gifted entry into the City of London controlled gold, platinum and diamond extractive industries and source of South Africa`s considerable wealth.

The South African mining industry has been in the hands of the oligarchs since the discovery of gold and diamonds 150 years ago.Those resources have been a major source of funding not for the people of South Africa but for the British Empire. Cecil John Rhodes left his formidable legacy to Nathan Meyer Rothschild whose family , until recently, have set the daily gold standard from St Swithin`s Lane which is located within the precinct of the City of London, on behalf of the British Empire.

Cyril Ramaphosa has been marketed as Mr Fix-it, Mr Clean who will clear up all Zuma`s `state capture` and corruption. Ramaphosa is a skin graft from the most corrupt, untransparent and imperialist  system this world has ever known.  He has been groomed by the South African mining oligarchy since the late 1970s when he was recruited into the Urban Foundation of the gold-mining conglomerate Anglovaal and later worked as head of the largest trade unions, although having never worked in the mines. It was his work with the trade unions that gave Ramaphosa his title of champion of the working man whilst achieving exactly what was asked of him by the mine management. Ramaphosa has long since been assimilated into the machine.

Ramaphosa nailed his colours to the wall the moment he became president of South Africa. He replaced Mosebenzi Zwane with Gwede Mantashe as Minister of Mineral Resources. Has Mantashe the task of dismantling the Zuma administration`s revolutionary new Mining Charter ?

In 2017 the Zuma led ANC announced a new mandatory set of regulations that was imposed on the mining industry.With Zwane as Minister of Mineral Resources the government began what should have remained a non- negotiable transfer of revenue from the conglomerates to the government. Under the new Mining Charter the plan was to create a Mining Transformation Development Agency that would receive billions in extra taxes from the conglomerates. The Agency was to be under the sole control of the Ministry of Mineral Resources. The South African Chamber of Mines has been wailing and wining that Zuma was making the industry unattractive to foreign investment.

Also in the Mining Charter, was another move against the real state capture in South Africa, a move to re-legislate the use of mineral reserves. The Zuma administration had planned to enforce increased processing of minerals, known by the term `benefication` whereby raw materials are processed and manufactured into end products.The legislation also encompassed a vital element that it would be the State who decide the value of a mineral

This would be tantamount to an economic revolution for the country but was fought against on the basis that South Africa cannot provide enough energy to power such large scale industrial development, a short sighted and sadly stupid outlook. With a second nuclear facility operating with home produced uranium, all of this and so much more is possible.But economic visions such as those sound the death knell for the parastic conglomerates like Glencore who profit from African under-development.

Glencore Xtrata is the global mining giant, together with AngloAmerican and their combined subsiduaries, it dominates the mining industry of the continent. Glencore is headquartered in Switzerland which is where the profits are reaped from Africa`s copper extraction under CEO Ivan Glasonberg. Glencore has been the primary supplier of coal, mined in KwaZulu Natal, to the South African energy utility, Eskom.

Zuma wanted Glencore out. It would appear that using the Gupta family with their business know-how and access to capital, he managed this albeit using an underhand method.Zuma in a speech given in Braamfontein earlier this year dicussed the idea of freedom. What is freedom, he asked. Freedom according to him has 3 pillars, political freedom, energy freedom and security freedom. Those are the pillars of a nation`s sovereignty and without all 3 a nation is only free in theory. South Africans he said, only have political freedom.

Zuma has pushed for the expansion of South Africa`s nuclear industry. That industry is at present world class.

If South Africa were to increase its nuclear energy supply, it could within a very short time be energy sufficient without even the need to mine coal. Zuma has attempted to resurrect South Africa`s uranium industry and once again used the Guptas. The press have all along screamed state capture at any of Zuma`s visionary economic reforms.His plans for nuclear energy have been called unaffordable by finance ministers who lack an understanding of what drives an economy. Investing in the nation`s future and continual advancement of technology push an economy onto an upward trend.

Trevor Manuel was the first finance minister of a democratic South Africa under Nelson Mandela. In later years Manuel left the Treasury and went to work for the Rothschilds. Predictably his economic policy was liberal. Thabo Mbeki continued with liberal economics. It was only under Zuma that this policy began to change. Zuma appointed Rob Davies as Minister of Trade and Industry. Davies, like Zuma, believes in non-liberal economics. Zuma has consistently pushed for more and more state control and fought against privatization. Davies belief in state control is because he is a communist, however, Zuma`s conviction in an economic system like that of the American System of Political Economy as devised by Alexander Hamilton, the conviction that government exists to improve the well being of the nation and that national banks should exist to issue credit for national development.

The Zuma administration came under serious international fire when Rob Davies cancelled a swathe of foreign investment treaties from Europe, the UK and USA. These treaties were along the lines of the Trans-Pacific Partenership and highly erosive of national government. The proposed investments worth many billions of dollars, were based on international arbitration and any disputes would have had foreign courts superceding South African law. Zuma`s insistance on state control as a founding basis for securing the protection of the economy has been called State Capture.

Thuli Madonsela, as Public Protector, has led this campaign to warp out of all recognition, Zuma`s efforts to achieve national sovereignty. It is through her treatise on the supposed crimes of Zuma, a document called State Capture, that a brainwashing program has been orchestrated both domestically and across the western world. With the subsequent down grading by the Wall Street rating`s agencies of the Rand, this has been no less than a masked economic war against the Zuma administration in the Zuma faction of the ANC`s final battle and stand for its turn to the East and a new paradigm for Africa.

Johan Rupert is a member of the South African oligarchy and acts as the City of London`s front man in what it continues to consider as its private colony. Rupert controls much of the media in South Africa and like his late father, Anton Rupert, advisers government. The Rupert`s advice has always been regarded as an order of action by government, that is until the presidency of Jacob Zuma.

In a recent publication by South African self-made tycoon, Gayton McKenzie, entitled `Kill Zuma by Any Means Necessary`, the author states that in a private meeting with an ANC minister, Rupert threatened that if Zuma did not follow his instructions ” he and his friends would destroy the economy and make South Africa look worse than Zimbabwe”. His `advise` was not to replace the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan or CEO of Eskom, Mcebisi Jonas.

Pro- BRICS Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba

Jacob Zuma is the first president to disobey orders. After that interview he appointed his choice of Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba, and began to implement an economic roll-out that this country has never in all its history had the opportunity to experience. Radical Economic Transformation is intended to be the process by which the monopoly stranglehold on the South African economy is broken. Against Rupert`s orders he placed Brian Molefe as head of Eskom in his bid to secure South Africa`s energy sovereignty.

London assets have been used to discredit, falsly accuse and demonize everything that the Zuma led ranks of the ANC have set out to create as the future for South Africans.

Julius Malema is a British asset and his handler is former British Ambassador to South Africa, Robin Renwick. Malema is a dispicable character , expelled from the ANC Youth League, he formed the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and spends his time demonizing Zuma and preaching racial hatred to the masses of young, hopeless and unemployed South Africans to whom he promises the earth once South Africa is free of White Monopoly Capital by which term he means white South Africans.

Malema`s sickening ideas are regularly granted air-time and he has been welcomed into the bosom of the British Empire. On his last tour of the UK he addressed the Oxford Union and was given a prime time BBC interview.It was an associate of Malema`s who led the #Rhodes MustFall campaign, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh who is himself a Rhodes Scholar. This sythetic anti-colonial movement , just like the EFF are crafted by London and despite the anti-imperialism rhetoric completely bypass the real issue at stake, not the colossus of the vile Cecil John Rhodes but the crumbling ediface of the British Empire and its entire anti-human monetary system.

Malema`s white counter-part , Simon Roche, fronts an Afrikaner nationalist organisation called Suidlanders. The role that Simon Roche and his organisation are playing is to prime the international public for a genocide in South Africa.

There are other assets at work who are being used to instill racial violence and fear within South Africa. An old apartheid-era slogan has been resurected ” One Settler, One Bullet”.

The main opposition party to the ANC is the Democratic Alliance whose liberal economic policies remain rooted in Wall Street globalism, privatization, hedge funds and foreign investment incentives. They appear as the liberal counterpart to the ANC`s other opposition, Julius Malema`s EFF. The DA has historically been the mining conglomerates captured party. It would appear that the land expropriation issue is being crafted from London to rid South Africa of both the EFF and the ANC.

London has a vested interest in maintaining its monopoly over the South African economy and they are using their classic divide and rule strategy. The British Empire and its anti-human monetarist system does not care how many lives are lost, black or white. Their limited thinking only extends to grasping onto their diminishing stock piles of fake money. They cannot understand that fake money is not wealth and that real wealth can only come from a continous improvement to a nation`s living standards and by understanding that the science of economics is the science of human progess.

By using credit issued from national banks, China has all but eliminated poverty, through development of the physical economy and investment in technology. China is using this principle in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and is saying to all African countries that they too can eliminate poverty by raising the standard of living through advancements in technology and investment in the physical economy. It is under the Zuma administration that South Africa opened its arms wide to China and became the first African country to join the BRICS iniative.

Jacob Zuma and his former wide Nkosozana Dlamini Zuma fought tooth and nail to get South Africa in this visionary position. For the Zuma faction of the ANC the only future for the country is within the New Paradigm, an Africa and a world united by the common aims of mankind, united by economic development in the aim of human progress. That is why the British hate Zuma and why their mielie-mouthed media have gone to such extremes to ruin his work and discredit his name.


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