BRICS Sets Agenda For Global Development — U.S. Must Join To Create a New World Order Based on Peace Through Development

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BRICS Sets Agenda For Global Development — U.S. Must Join To Create a New World Order Based on Peace Through Development

July 30, 2018
BRICS 2018 in South Africa. July 27. 2018 (photo DIRCO ZA / Flickr)
BRICS 2018 in South Africa. July 27. 2018 (photo DIRCO ZA / Flickr)

The tremendous dynamic of the July 25-27 Johannesburg Summit of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), and especially the BRICS-Africa Dialogue Forum at the same venue, have united most of the world around several key concepts: peace through development; BRICS-Plus as a core for a new South-South relationship, or “Global South;” the New Silk Road concept as the basis for “new driving forces for development,” nuclear power for all nations, with Russia taking the lead; and the urgent need for international cooperation in the development of Africa and Southwest Asia from centuries of colonial wars and exploitation.

The defeat of the British-Saudi spawned terrorist networks in Syria, brought about through the open cooperation between the Trump Administration and the Putin Administration in Russia, and the promising transformation of the Korean Peninsula, brought about through cooperation between Trump, Xi Jinping, Putin and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, give just a glimpse of what can be achieved strategically through cooperation of the major powers, breaking from the British Empire’s geopolitical division of East vs. West.

Former U.S. diplomat James Jatras, who spoke at a Schiller Institute Conference in New York City in June, posted a powerful article Saturday in Strategic Culture titled “Will Next Steps on Iran Point Towards a New `Big Three’ or World War III?” The “Big Three” he refers to are the U.S., Russia and China, noting that Trump has consistently rejected the “world policeman” role pushed on the U.S. by the Anglophile neo-conservatives, while also rejecting the de-industrialization which went along with the radical “free trade” policies, also coming from the British. Quoting Professor Michael Klare, the article correctly points out that Trump has consistently pushed for a “tripolar world order” with the U.S., Russia and China working together. Why would Trump turn against the myth of “the world’s only superpower” in a Pax Americana? Klare’s insight: “In the Trumpian mindset, this country had become weak and overextended because of its uncritical adherence to the governing precepts of the liberal international order, which called for the U.S. to assume the task of policing the world while granting its allies economic and trade advantages in return for their loyalty.” Dismissing that failed role (which, not mentioned by Klare, is the British vision of British brains and American brawn sustaining the Empire) would allow for the “emergence of a less-encumbered, stronger America — much as a stronger Russia has emerged in this century from the wreckage of the Soviet Union and a stronger China from the wreckage of Maoism.”

Jatras warns that if the ongoing coup attempt against Trump were to succeed, a Mike Pence government would bring back the “ancien regime,” the “neo-liberal, unipolar order,” which would move rapidly to crush Trump’s Big Three cooperation. The result would be a “catastrophe of literally unimaginable proportions, which Trump had sought to arrest.”

This reflects LaRouche’s fifty-year perspective, launched fifty years ago, for an end to the permanent warfare and austerity under the British Empire, run by London and Wall Street. LaRouche argued that this could be achieved only by the coming together of all sovereign nation states based on the common aims of mankind. This is now clearly within reach. Nearly the entirety of Asia, Africa and Ibero-America have now united behind this principle, through the BRICS and the New Silk Road. The EU is crumbling, while a new Italian government is leading the way for a break from the EU dictatorship and a renewal of cooperation with Russia and China. Newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will meet with President Trump Monday in the White House.

Despite the extreme danger, it is a moment in history demanding great optimism and full engagement, a moment and an opportunity which must not be lost.


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