The Bank of England: A Criminal Enterprise – Part 1

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The Bank of England: A Criminal Enterprise – Part 1

By Anton Chaitkin

[Anton Chaitkin wrote this article in 2016-2017. It conveys his discoveries regarding the history of the imperial power misruling global society. Though it thus has universal significance, it was intended in some respects for a British audience, e.g. certain British spelling conventions, or referring to the regulation of British commercial banks. Note that the capitalized term City, or City of London, means the special self-governing financial district within the regular London city limits. Also, some trivial aspects of the article are out of date — for example Part 2 mentions “Prince Charles” — today he is called “King Charles III.”

But we are posting it here, unchanged, hoping to give readers substantial food for thought about how leading Western institutions are sharply antagonistic to Western interests and ideals.

Part 1, published January 22, 2024, concerns the Bank of England as the prime sponsor of world fascism, and its post-World War II transition to creating the casino economy. Part 2, which will be published January 29, 2024, follows the Bank’s organization of the offshore financial system that is dedicated to criminal activity, to crimes against humanity.

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The Bank of England: A Criminal Enterprise – Part 1

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