Technocratic Short Circuit and Freedom Convoy Update

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

Great Game with Matt and V: Technocratic Short Circuit and Freedom Convoy Update

9 Feb 2022

In this week’s episode of the Great Game, V and I discuss the Ottawa Freedom Convoy which is fast becoming a global phenomenon with parallel convoys emerging across Canada, the USA, Norway, Finland, Germany and beyond. We take some time to compare this protest movement with earlier Soros-funded anarchist psy ops and compare the differences. Additional questions unpacked: In what way have diverse and often antagonistic groups come together for a principled cause? and How are such oligarchical tools like Justin Trudeau and Mark Carney trying to paint the convoy as a violent insurrection in need of demonization and silencing? After evaluating this new phenomenon, we take a step back to evaluate the world stage and the breakdown occuring in all parts of the oligarchic trans Atlantic cage with NATO members breaking ranks around the “Russian invasion narrative” and the historic manifesto made public by Russia and China this week.

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