Ethiopia Calls for Reformation of the United Nations

Ethiopia Calls for the Reformation of the UN

by PD Lawton,   13 February 2022

The United Nations  in its current system of representation, is exercising imperialist policy towards the 54 African nations and her 1.3 billion  citizens.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at the recent African Union General Assembly called for African nations to be fairly represented in all key international bodies, most especially the United Nations. He stated:

Africa`s voice on the world stage needs to be heard loud and clear. Africa must also be represented on important international bodies. Today, more than 7 decades after the creation of the United Nations, Africa remains a junior partner without meaningful input or role in the system of international governance. This is particularly true of the United Nations where Africa lacks representation on the Security Council and is under- represented in a variety of ways. It is the right time to reform and liberalize the United Nations system to reflect current global realities and to ensure that it is a more representative and equitable body . Only fair representation and transparency in those institutions can usher in a just era in multilateralism. Consistent with our Ezulwini Consensus of 2005, we should collectively insist that Africa`s reasonable request for no less than 2 permanent seats and 5 non-permanent seats in the UN Security Council be adopted. “

The Ezulwini Consensus was signed in Eswatini in 2005. The agreement has yet to have impacted any changes.


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