Tanzania Section of AIHSRN: Progress Video Standard Gauge Railway Line From Morogoro to Makutupora

Turkish construction company Yapi Merkezi are constructing the Tanzanian section of the Central Corridor of the AFRICAN INTEGRATED HIGH SPEED RAILWAY NETWORK ( AIHSRN).

“Yapı Merkezi is constructing the fastest railway in East Africa. The first phase of the 1,224 km total line, the 202 km long Dar Es Salaam-Morogoro Railway Project, is the most critical part of the project. When the 5-part line is completed, it will connect Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania, and provide access to the Indian Ocean for all related countries.

All works pertaining to the design, manufacture, assembly, and operation startup of the track superstructure, electrification, signaling, telecommunication, and central control systems are being carried out by Yapı Merkezi.

202 km-long single line will be constructed at a design speed of 160 km / h between Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro. During the 30-month project, a total of 33 million cubic meters of excavation work will be undertaken; 96 pieces of 6,500 meter-long bridge and overpasses, 460 culverts, 6 stations, and repair and maintenance workshops will be constructed.” -Source:


Source: Yapi Merkezi Tanzania

13 June 2023

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