Talk To OBN : South African Nuclear Physicist Dr Kemm Talks with Addis Assefa : COP28 Fossil Fuels and Green Finance!

“We don`t want to find ourselves in a debt situation, where we become slaves. Bear in mind Ethiopia is the one country in Africa that was never colonized. Don`t let yourselves get colonized now.”

“I would encourage your Prime Minister, your Cabinet, your country to stand up against some of the bullying of the first world and say we are ok, we are doing our best, we are going to help our neighbours, we`re going to collaborate and we are going to advance our countries in the best way we can but we are not going to start implementing your climate policies while our children don`t get to go to hospitals and our children don`t get schools.”

“…they talk about putting money towards Africa, they`ve said this for years. Firstly, I don`t agree with the money, I don`t want the money, I don`t want to see the money. I don`t think any African country should see the money. It`s not that they are coming to give you money. They come to give you a loan and then they tell you what you have to do with the loan and the loan means you`ve got to do as you are told. It is not unconditional…”

“I am one of the many scientists in the world who do not believe we have a climate change problem. I think the entire thing is wrong. There is no reason to fear any carbon dioxide coming from fossil fuels or man-activity such as beef farming, agriculture and so on.”

“If you go back to the time of Napoleon or Queen Victoria , since then and until now, the planet has warmed up as much as my hands have warmed up by briefly rubbing them together, 1 degree since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte , since the time of Queen Victoria.

“The carbon dioxide is a political problem.”

Source: OBN Oromiyaa


Dec 12, 2023


Dr.Kelvin Kemm,an International Nuclear Energy Physicist Says Ethiopian Green Legacy initiative show cases the ideal mechanism that should be employed by every nations to halt the drastic Global Climate Changes.

He also highlights that the industrialized nations shouldn’t use the idea of Global warming as a means of debt burden manipulation. He further explains that Fossil fuels financing should be implemented based on merit not in the sense of political tools.

The COP summit has been held for 28 Consecutive years but there is not progressive change in the dynamics of properly combating Climate Changes. The developed nations shouldn’t use Climate Change agenda as a means to execute their National interest and it has to be managed and entertained in the good faith.

Dr.Kelvin appreciated Prime minister Abiy’s remark made during Cop28 leaders remark which is”No country can effectively confront the climate challenge if debt is a burden. This is why the G20 must work to implement bolder and timely debt relief plans to help the most affected countries overcome debt distress, address climate change, and pursue more equitable and sustainable economic growth objectives.”


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