Super Successful Second Russia-Africa Summit: St Petersburg July 2023

This video is livestream of meetings between President Putin and members of his Cabinet and the following 5 African governments. In between the meetings livesteam shows the beautiful park in St Petersburg.

South Africa: President Cyril Ramaphosa

Burkina Faso : Interim President Ibrahim Traoré

Guinea Bissau: President Umaro Sissoco Embaló

Mali: Interim President Colonel Assimi Goïta

Republic of Congo: President Denis Sassou Nguesso

Most poignant is the meeting with Colonel Assimi Goïta who expresses the appreciation the people of Mali have for Russia and Russian assisstance with insecurity as well as the Russian gift of grain to Mali in a time of great need. ” We can see now who are true friends are”, is a recurring sentiment reiterated by most delegations.

President Nguesso relates the story of the difficulties his delegation incurred trying to get to St Petersburg because the airlines insurer refused to fly to Russia and landed instead in Dubai! He expresses the general feeling of the summit by saying that despite the backdrop of global tension, the Summit opens the grand perspective of world affairs.

Source: 2nacheki

30 July 2023





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