South Africa: Nuclear energy is not off the table

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The graphic below puts nuclear energy back into context by rapidly scaling up the delivery of 10% of South Africa’s annual electricity demand in half the time and at a much lower cost than competing clean energy technologies which last for only 25 years.

South Africa: Nuclear energy is not off the table



by Des Muller

Over the weekend, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, was misquoted by an SABC News reporter as saying that “nuclear energy is off the table”.

The President was interviewed in Botswana at the 7th SACU Summit on the energy crisis, amongst other challenges the country is facing. He did, however, break ranks in the interview by expressing his concerns about renewable energy not being available at any given time, which does not provide solutions to South Africa’s energy crisis.

On nuclear energy, he commented that it is not a short-term solution for South Africa, given the long lead times and the country’s need for immediate solutions. The President also expressed his concerns about the affordability of nuclear energy for South Africa. At no point did he say that “nuclear energy was off the table”, which one can write off as opportunistic journalism, probably backed by vested interests.

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