President Nana Akofu-Addo at COP26 : Make African Economic Development Part of the Solution instead of Condeming it!

“…Those same nations are, however, insisting that we abandon the opportunity for rapid development of our economies. That would be tantamount to enshrining in the global community, inequality of the highest order, a totally unacceptable conclusion. We must find a solution that is equitable and fair. A solution that levels the playing field. A solution that recognizes the historical imbalances between the high emitters and the low emitters. Ghana therefore supports the call for debt for climate swops that will address a multitude of issues in one fell swoop.
Let us use this summit as a turning point to create a more prosperous , greener and fairer world that maintains the balance between social, economic and environmental requirements of all nations of the Earth, rich and poor.Success in this endeavor is the greatest inheritance we can leave for current and future generations…”

Source: 2nacheki

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