Strong Defence Against False Allegations Being Made about Ethiopia

In this  interview by TRT World , Ledet Muleta gives the on- the- ground reality concerning the situation in Addis as the TPLF terrorists continue to approach and threaten the capital.

Ledet Muleta is the Founder of the Global Ethiopian Diaspora Society and  Communications Director of `Ethiopia Shall Continue`.

exerpts from the interview:

Ledet Muleta in response to the question of the general feeling on the ground right now in Addis:
“Let us not forget, the TPLF have been ruling for 27 years, and there is a reason why they are no longer leading the country and that is because the Ethiopian people have revolted against them. And the revolution is very close, it`s not like it has been a decade , it has only been 3 years. The Ethiopian people have fought for this change and they have actually voted the current prime minister , over 36 million people have voted for this current administration , so they are willing to defend that the TPLF are not going to be coming to reverse anything. People on the ground cannot fathom TPLF returning, it is almost like impossible.”
Ledet Muleta in response to the question of the UN`s demands that the Ethiopian government must negotiate with the TPLF terrorists:
“It is very hard to negotiate with terrorists. I don`t know that even the Ethiopian people want that.It`s about creating a precedent, about rule of law, this [TPLF] is a rebel group, a terrorist group that has attacked the Ethiopian National Defence Force, I think that would be sending the wrong message for the Ethiopian people to negotiate with a rebel group that is creating this type of havoc for about a year now. So in my opinion, I don`t think negotiation is really on the table. What I do believe is that there is national dialogue that has been talked about and that needs to occur and I think, will. But negotiating with the TPLF terrorist group , at this point, that is recruiting child soldiers, that are looting, that are disrupting the entire 110 million plus population, I don`t think will send a correct message.Whether the international community wants that to happen or not, it is really about what does the Ethiopian people want to do. In my view, I don`t think negotiation is on the table, that is my view.”

watch the interview Here:

What Will It Take to Achieve Peace in Ethiopia?

Source: The Newsmakers

4 November 2021


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