Plague hits Madagascar, what is the solution?

Plague hits Madagascar, what is the solution?

Since August Madagascar has been hit by an outbreak of the Plague.This is a disease of poverty. This is a yearly occurrence on this beautiful island, outbreaks vary in severity. The solution is not to try and kill the plague but to make people immune to it by killing the root cause which is poverty. Therefore the answer is to eradicate the globalist system that keeps Madagascar in such poverty.

Peurto Rico is suffering after the recent hurricanes. President Trump had the foresight and compassion to say that the solution is for Peurto Rico`s debt to be wiped out and for the island`s infrastructure to be developed. For Trump to say that was a really big thing because it is like sending a hurricane to hit Wall Street. Wall Street and the City of London are the seat of the globalists, the big money-lenders who like to keep the world enslaved with debt.

There is already a plan of action to resolve poverty in Madagascar and to join it to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

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Article rédigé en décembre 2016 par Mr Razafisambatra Louis De Mon Désir et Mr Périmony Sébastien.


« Antsika ny tany, antsika daholo, daholo » (A qui appartient la terre ? A nous).

“Today Madagascar is dying. An epidemic of corruption is rife in the country and people rich in history and potential, abandoned. The financial globilization set up in the past 70 years by the City of London and Wall Street has been transformed into “global misery”.

In Madagascar, the collapse of food and livestock farming and fishery resources has condemned the population to famine or immigration and plunged that part of our world into the “Heart of Darkness”.

Madagascar can and must get out of it and you have to put the price on it. It will not be just as we will see it,  to put schools or infrastructure here or there, but indeed to remobilize a population around its past and its future. To involve everyone, to feed, to clothe, to educate and to care for one another. To restore self esteem to the Malagache must become part of the great  project of mankind. A project in which France could be involved in , in partnership with South Africa and India, BRICS member countries.”

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