MONUSCO, the Monster that ate the Congo

MONUSCO the Monster that ate the Congo

Imagine if…

The year is 2020

Bashir al Assad has been sentenced to life by the ICC for crimes against humanity.A transitional government now runs Syria. The government is a coalition of moderate rebels, Al Nusra etc. with a token anti-Assad element from within the previous administration. Damascus is littered with statues to the heroes of the revolution – the White Helmets.

A tribunal is in progress and the officers of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces are being tried for crimes against humanity, accused of genocide within their own country. All high ranking officers will receive prison sentences and the entire world will accuse Syria`s military of genocide. The real Syria Civil Defence are also being tried for crimes against the civilian population.

The Syrian Arab Armed Forces are forced to retreat into Iraq and begin guerrilla warfare against the transitional government. They are labelled a terrorist organization and UN peacekeepers are positioned across Syria to protect the Syrian civilians from their terrorist activities.

The transitional government cuts off all ties with Russia and accepts IMF loans to rebuild the country. Western corporations flock to Syria to invest in its resources. To pay for the debt from the IMF loans all services in Syria are privatized and sold to a handful of private Western investors. The oil and gas rights are shared 50/50 between the national government and Glencore.

Raed Saleh of the White Helmets becomes the first president of `free Syria`. He is invited to Washington and adored by the international community. He gives speeches on how the free Syrian army has saved Syria. A new Syrian army is formed. It is a mix of all the ISIS rebel groups. The new government army begin a silent genocide . All pro-Assad citizens in the north of Syria are systematically murdered. Kurdish citizens are encouraged to immigrate to northern Syria to replace the reduced population of indigenous Syrians. A special homeland is set up for them and they are given minority rights that will allow them in future to form an autonomous province that will eventually become an independent Kurdish state.

Meanwhile the former Syrian Arab Armed Forces that has resorted to guerrilla warfare are bombed in their bases in Iraq and Syria by a coalition of the free Syrian army and UN peacekeeping forces. In order to restrict food and weapons from reaching them,the UN increases its presence in the region.

Civilian atrocities increase with reports of rape and mutilation. This is all attributed to the `terrorist` Syrian Arab Armed Forces. Eyewitness accounts describe the perpetrators as waving flags of the old Assad Syria, dressed in their uniforms and terrorizing the local population.But this is not the real Syrian army it is a state-supported fake entity in disguise.

Journalists who report this travesty and who try to clear the name of the Syrian Arab Army are convicted of supporting a terrorist group.

All of that is thankfully fiction in the case of Syria. But it is exactly what happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The lie is so monstrous and the sheer scale of the deception is so over-whelming that the truth is beginning to die.

The DRC is the world`s most prime real estate. Its untapped resources have an estimated value of $24 trillion. It is the feeding ground of a deeply psychopathic international elite.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)began with American State funding under the guidance of Roger Winter of the US State Department.It is a party of the Tutsi elite who believe in a Zionist-like right to their own homeland, they too believe in their superiority as a race.Paul Kagame was trained at Fort Leavenworth in 1990.

The RPF began incursions into Rwanda in the early 1990s. This was an operation to terrorize the population, stoke ethnic divide and ripen the environment for war. The RPF conducted the genocide of 1994 and overthrew the government of Juvenal Habyarimana who was assasinated at the start of the killings. It has been alleged that Romeo Dallaire`s UN mission was to shoot down the plane on which were the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi.Events at this time in Rwanda were called by the international media – civil war. There was no divide between Rwandans just as there was no divide between Syrians. Rwanda, like Syria was invaded.

Having over-seen the murder of 800 000 Rwandans Kagame was made Vice President in 1994.Kagame took the presidential office in 2000 after the resignation of Pasteur Bizimungu.

Paul Kagame was lauded as a `new breed of African leadership` by the international community. He is seen as the hero who saved Rwanda. The RPF began a methodical extermination of Hutus inside Rwanda in order to reduce the Hutu majority population. Returning refugees were systematically murdered in their thousands by using brutal methods that did not waste bullets.

The Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) of the previous government evacuated to Congo after the victory of Kigali by the RPF. They took with them most of the Rwandan population who were fleeing in terror from the RPF.

The Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) became what is known as the FDLR, Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda. Their mission was to remove Kagame and his occupying forces from their homeland, Rwanda. It was branded a terrorist organization by the US State Department and has been falsely accused of violence and atrocities in Eastern Congo.

A replica of FDLR was set-up by the government of DRC and has indeed carried out atrocities and still does so. People in Eastern Congo consider it a government army and call it an occupation force. Most  of the top officials are Tutsi Congolese nationals who are pro-Kabila and are the terrorist agents of Rwanda and Uganda.

It is the bogey man of Eastern Congo that justifies excessive military presence of UN peacekeeping forces who work with the government army (FARDC). It was branded a terrorist organization in order to justify money from the US State Department ; anti terrorist funding as part of the `War on Terror`.The Lords Resistance Army in Uganda, Boko Haram in Cameroon and Nigeria, Al Shebaab in Somalia all exist to justify NATO anti-terrorist aid. They are all also synthetic duplicats of existing organizations that originally formed with a justifiable cause.

Leaders of the real FDLR have been charged with crimes against humanity and sentenced to lengthy terms.

A Spanish priest, Juan Carrero Saralegui and other decent people who tried to clear the name of the real FDLR have been accused of funding a terrorist group.

Joseph Kabila was made president in 2001 under a transitional government. Peace talks resulted in the Sun City agreement.The outcome was a Congolese military that is the amalgamation of the Syrian version of `moderate rebels`. Former warlords were appointed to government positions.Elements within FARDC have since become perpetrators of a silent genocide in Eastern Congo. The UN stabilization mission, MONUSCO, has worked along side FARDC and elements within FARDC that are the real genocidaires.

Most of mineral rich Eastern Congo has been sold off to mining consortiums under the presidency of Joseph Kabila who is allegedly not the son of Laurent Kabila but a Rwandan named Hippolyte Kanambe who is related to Rwanda`s genocidal Tutsi elite.

The Kivu region of Eastern Congo is already considered an autonomous zone, functions as part of Rwanda`s economy and is being swamped with refugees who are not indigenous  Congo nationals.

The truth about what has happened in the heart of Africa is slipping away with the sands of time. It is the truth about the biggest heist and largest genocide that has ever occurred under the watchful eye of the international community of the United Nations.


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