Paul Rusesabagina: Fighting for Freedom and Human Rights in Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina`s speech after his release and on Rwandan Independence Day. This decent, courageous and deeply compassionate man speaks out for all the Rwandan political prisoners still in “hell”

1 July 2023

In this impactful YouTube video, Paul Rusesabagina shares his inspiring journey of endurance and advocacy for freedom and human rights. From surviving a nightmarish prison in Rwanda for 939 days to expressing heartfelt gratitude to those who supported him, Rusesabagina’s story is a testament to the power of resilience. He calls upon governments and the international community to take action against oppression, highlighting the need for change and justice. Join us as we delve into Rusesabagina’s powerful speech, reminding us of the importance of standing up for those who are silenced and the potential for individuals to make a difference in the world. #rusesabagina #rwanda #kagame

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