More Farms, More Factories, More Future!

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This article appears in the February 1, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

One Million New Family Farms

More Farms, More Factories, More Future!


Kansas Cattlemen’s Association
Robert “Bob” Baker addresses the 2016 state convention of the Kansas Cattlemen’s Association.

Jan. 25—In this report, we introduce, for discussion, the concept for a proposal for what can be formally called the “21st Century Homestead Act, for One Million New Family Farms” in the United States. This proposal addresses two fundamental and related matters: the crisis in U.S. and North American agriculture and the need to vastly increase world food productivity for a growing population. Optimism for a new, positive U.S. agriculture policy is realistic, based on the historic progress that can be achieved through the collaboration of Four Powers—the U.S., China, Russia and India—with other nations, in economic growth, especially abundant food for a growing world.

The “Million Farmers” idea cuts through the apparent irony, that while the U.S. is still producing large volumes of surplus farm commodities for export (everything from corn and soybeans, to almonds) using the most inspiring, very high-tech methods, the rural farming community itself—the basis for real productivity—is being destroyed as surely as we see equivalent destruction in other sectors of the economy: the decayed manufacturing sector, the decrepit infrastructure base, and so on. The farm belt is being depopulated; drugs and despair are rampant.

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