Italy`s New Government Leading the Way for Crumbling Europe

Italy`s New Government Leading the Way for Crumbling Europe

by PD Lawton , 1 February 2019

The Italian government formed last year is a coaltion of the League and the 5 Star Movement and a clear sign that Italians have had enough of austerity and EU Central Bankster policy being forced upon them.

The new government is starting to do incredible things.

Recently Italian Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati said that the anti-Russia propaganda and sanctions must end in Europe, signalling that Italy will not be a part of London`s war-mongering geopolitics.

And most amazingly the new government are in favour of one of the most important acts needed to effectively slay the City of London dragon and cut off the supply of money to its parasitic practices. Not only are Italians planning a national investment bank but they want Glass-Steagall !

The following is an exerpt from an article by member of the Italian LaRouche movement, Claudio Celani, published in Executive Intelligence Review:

“On the economic side, it recommends budget flexibility and a national investment bank, and last but not least, banking separation: “We must go towards a system   in which the retail credit bank and the investment bank are separated, both as concerns their type of activity and as concerns supervision.” This is the first time that bank separation (“Glass- Steagall”) is part of a government program. Both the Lega and the M5S, indeed, had Glass-Steagall in their election programs and as many as 132 elected representatives , both nationally and locally—mostly Lega members but also a few M5S representatives—have signed a petition for Glass-Steagall launched in 2017 by the Italian LaRouche movement. Implementing Glass-Steagall would be the single act of government that can finish off the global financial casino which is cannibalizing the real economy.” Source:

There is also a growing consensus in Italy that the bureaucratic collossus in Brussels, financed and created by the City of London banksters must fall. The European Union is the totalitarian, authoritarian, anti-nation- state blot on Europe that must go.

While other European countries still run by the globalist lackeys continue to patronize African governments and continue to feed xenophobic sentiment in Europe with migration policies designed to foster xenophobia and ultimately replace the European voter base with non-European nationals, whilst robbing Africa of its youth, Italy has a different answer.

In Germany Angela Merkle suggested that the EU should build camps to halt immigration. (As a rule, it is not a good idea for Germans to suggest `camps` as a solution to anything.) Another German polititian and Minister for Africa, Gunter Nooke, has suggested that the African migration problem be solved by the re-colonization of Africa. Yes, Herr Nooke would like to see a second Berlin Congress to re-instate colonialisim throughout the African continent. His idea is for Western nations to build cities in Africa to house the would-be migrants. He has suggested that Europeans could reliquish control of these cities once Africans have got the hang of running them. He has called this “voluntary colonialism”. Seriously, Cecil Rhodes lives on!

In 2017, French President Macron took the opportunity on a state visit to Ghana to lecture the Ghanaian government on the need to follow the EU model. His lecture did not go down well and President Nana Akufo- Addo replied by saying what all Africans want to say….

In fact Italy has now said what all Europeans want to say to the French government: It was you who bombed the shit out of Libya. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has reminded France how the immigration crisis started and how an economic power house in North Africa was returned to the stoneage in 2011.

Contradictory to other neanderthal migration proposals from EU member states, Italy is the champion of the Transaqua Project for the replenishment of Lake Chad and the industrialization of central Africa which is the most forward-thinking visionary project and once completed, the largest engineering feat ever undertaken in the world, a project that should have been financed over 35 years ago.

The following is an exerpt from an historic day last year :

“Today, October 16, 2018- A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the initial funding of the feasibility study for the Transaqua project was signed in Rome by the Italian government and the Lake Chad Basin Commission. Francesco La Camera, director general of the Italian Environment ministry, and Mamman Nuhu, Executive Secretary of the Lake Chad Basin Commission, signed today a document that certifies an Italian government grant of 1.5 million Euros to finance the feasibility study for the project refill Lake Chad and build a water, transport, electricity and agro-industrial infrastructure in central Africa, developed by the Italian firm Bonifica more than 35 years ago.” Source:

Disregarding the anti-China propaganda prevalent in Europe that paints China as the new bogey man,the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met this January with China`s Foreign Minister Wang Yi to form friendship and economic ties.Fantastic news as Italy and China will both be working together with Nigeria and Chad on the initial stages of Transaqua.

The new Italian government understands what the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is! Prime Minister Conte has said that Italy attaches great importance to Italian cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative. They `get` that the Chinese offer is the most incredible chance we have to finally be free as nation states to prosper.

Italy`s enthusiasm for Transaqua is the epitome of the new paradigm, of a win-win collaboration of all nations for the benefit of us, each and everyone of us.

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