Magufuli`s Legacy for Tanzania

The late President Magufuli was one of the most visionary and dynamic current African leaders. His legacy is the economic transformation of his country. In just the last 5 years, miracles have been achieved proving that anything is possible.

Source: African Insider

8 Most impressive Mega Construction PROJECTS in TANZANIA 2021.

15 May 2021

Eastern African countries have increased investment in infrastructure projects over the last five years, with Tanzania leading the way in terms of value and number of projects that broke ground in June last year. Tanzania is now at per with Kenya in terms of infrastructure projects, both recording 51 projects in the year 2020, a new report has revealed, according to the Africa Construction Trends 2020 Report. The Government is implementing the National Five-Year Development Plan, which aims to promote industrialization for economic growth and human development. The following are the top ongoing mega projects in Tanzania.

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