Lavrov Explains U.S. Role in Creating “Tragic” Sudan Crisis

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Lavrov Explains U.S. Role in Creating “Tragic” Sudan Crisis

April 27, 2023 (EIRNS)—During his April 25 press conference in New York City, following his participation in UN Security Council forums he led as part of Russia’s April presidency of that body, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded to a question about the situation in Sudan with some incisive remarks about the U.S. role in helping to create the crisis there.

The situation in Sudan, he said, “is a tragedy. People are dying. Diplomats may be in danger. We are aware of this, and we are monitoring the situation….

“Take a look at how Sudan developed as a state. Initially, there was one state, which later split into Sudan and South Sudan. We saw this happen. Our American colleagues made Sudan’s division into two parts a foreign policy priority. They asked us to convince President Omar al-Bashir to agree to hold a referendum and to voluntarily divide the state in two. Frankly, we believed that the people of Sudan should decide their future independently. Ultimately, Sudan was divided into two states, one of them South Sudan.

“The Americans, as the initiators of that ‘divorce,’ should have helped the two new states live peacefully with each other, develop their economies and the well-being of the people. But something displeased them. I will not go into detail, but the United States introduced sanctions against the authorities of Sudan and South Sudan and started presenting its demands to them through the IMF. This ‘geopolitical engineering’ will do no good.
“I suggest that all sides should draw conclusions from the current Sudan crisis. Let us not interfere with the Africans’ efforts to come to terms among themselves nor add any demands from the outside (which do not reflect these countries’ interests) to their efforts to find their own, African, solutions to their problems.”

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