Germany Celebrates Fealty to Depopulation Lobby with Shut Down of Nuclear Energy Sector

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Germany Celebrates Fealty to Depopulation Lobby with Shut Down of Nuclear Energy Sector


by Matthew Ehret               28 April 2023

This week, Germany signaled its willingness to serve as some techno feudal sacrifice appeasing Gaia’s demands for blood by shutting down the last three nuclear reactors. Amidst the greatest (self-induced) energy crisis caused by demands to cut Europe off of cheap Russian gas, Germany’s Minister for the Environment Steffi Lemke stated with all the confidence of a devoted cult member “The position of the German government is clear: nuclear power is not green. Nor is it sustainable… We are embarking on a new era of energy production.”

As we will soon come to see, this “new era of energy production” is in truth, merely a euphemism for depopulation which would be easier to see if the political class had not been intellectually castrated in the basics of energy, science, or morality.

Germany is not alone in this race to the bottom but joined by a handful of other European nations which have been told that the disaster that tore apart the lives of millions of people in Fukushima in March 2011 was so dangerous that all nuclear energy had to be dismantled post haste. In Ireland, laws were passed in 1999 making it illegal to ever construct nuclear power, and in Switzerland, a 2017 referendum demanded that all reactors be shut down. In 2021 Belgium had voted to completely shut down its nuclear sector by 2025 while Spain committed to shut down its entire nuclear sector in 2019 which currently supplies the nation with 20% of its energy. Earlier Denmark passed a resolution in 1985 to never build a nuclear reactor, and Italy shut down its last reactors in 1990. Between 2011-2020, 48 GW of nuclear energy was lost (primarily in western nations trapped within the zero-growth cage of NATO).

The fact is that 12 years after the Tsunami struck the west Coast of Japan killing 18,000 civilians, not one Fukushima death is traceable to radiation exposure. While a meltdown did strike three of the ten reactors in the Daiichi complex, those which suffered damages used outdated technology and cut corners in safety standards such that no coolants were available once electricity was lost after the 8.9 earthquake struck. Those deaths which did occur in the aftermath, had more to do with heart attacks caused by the vast fear-driven evacuation of 160,000 citizens from towns across the coast of Japan — many of which remain abandoned to this day as 100,000 are still considered “nuclear refugees”. After extensive testing, the WHO found radiation levels of evacuees to be undetectable… a fact which has done little to reverse the deeply embedded fears within the Japanese zeitgeist, whose robust layout of 54 nuclear plants providing high quality, reliable and affordable energy to Japanese industry and citizens in 2011 has fallen to a mere 10 operational plants today (with only 5 actually supplying energy at any given time).

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Germany Celebrates Fealty to Depopulation Lobby with Shut Down of Nuclear Energy Sector


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