In conversation with the Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie

President and founder of the Patriotic Alliance, Gayton MacKenzie has chosen to be the mayor of the most bankrupt and in need municipality in South Africa, the Central Karoo District municipality of the Western Cape. He is going to turn it round for the better within 100 days. He has refused all his salary and perks and is reinvesting them back into the community. One of his first key priorities is to provide a decent sanitation system for those who have never had ordinary, modern day conveniences.

Gayton McKenzie is a self-made multimillionaire who has condemned the post Apartheid phony  Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) system and was one of the few to warn people that former president, Jacob Zuma, was being targetted for character and physical assassination by the South African cabal of the Western oligarchy.

“Politics is a bad game and it takes a man with a bad past to come and change it”

His plans for the Western Cape are to turn it into an energy hub for the country by developing wind, solar and shale gas. As the Western Cape is very hot , dry and windy for the most part, this is a good strategy. With the region`s abundant uranium, his energy strategy should also go nuclear.

“I believe I have a duty to show people I am not here to take, I am here to give”

Source: SABC

13 May 2022

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie and Mayor of the Central Karoo District Municipality in the Western Cape Province says he’s going to show South African politicians how to lead from the front. McKenzie was recently elected Mayor and sparked conversation when he declined perks that come with the position and instead even opted to donate 100% of his salary to the much needed work to transform the municipality for better. He joins us in studio

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