Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa Can Now Begin to Eliminate Poverty with the Filling of GERD

The 19 July, 2021, the second filling of Ethiopia`s Grand Renaissance Dam ( GERD) will be remembered as a momentous occasion in the history of this incredible nation. The dam is the largest hydro plant in Africa. It has been funded entirely by Ethiopians.

None of the water will be used for irrigation and therefore Ethiopians are not taking anything from Egypt or Sudan, they are in fact giving  electricity to the East African energy pool.Energy IS progress because it is the power to develop and elliminate poverty in Africa.

It has been confirmed that since the second filling, the waters of the Nile have NOT been affected. None of the geopolitical ravings about water theft were true!

The Ethiopian Energy Minister , Dr Bekele, has called upon Egypt and the Sudan to make GERD a source for regional intergration.

Here is a video showing the moment the second filling was completed and the water went over the dam wall. The video is deeply moving to anyone who cares about ending poverty in Ethiopia and every inch of Africa, once and for all.


Source: Green Sustainable Ethiopia Network

Update | Ethiopia completes the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam | GERD

20 July 2021

“Proud of motherland Ethiopia-Africa! GERD is a project of the people, without any foreign aid. The world can witness the power of the people, such an amazing megaproject.”

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