Drugs, Pharmaceutical and Recreational – Destroying Society – a deliberate policy

This is an excellent documentary from LaRouchePac which explains that the kings of the global drugs trade are the big banks of Wall Street and the City of London.

At 8:19 in the video, Deborah Freeman explains how Big Pharma created both the supply AND demand for opiate based medication by marketing the need for painkillers. This is the exact same program used on South Africans in the AIDS/HIV `epidemic.`

TAC (Treatment Action Campaign)https://tac.org.za/ was set-up and funded by Big Pharma to make people demand a pharmaceutical solution to a nutritional and/or work related condition. The HIV industry in South Africa is now worth billions of dollars. HIV medication is now also one of South Africa`s biggest recreational drugs, known on the streets as nyope.

As pointed out in this documentary,  war in Afghanistan is about protecting the poppy fields and the opium trade which keeps the cash flowing through the banks of Wall Street and the City of London.

Source: LaRouchePAC videos

The Opium Epidemic: A Deliberate Policy

Published on 22 Aug 2017

To effectively deal with today’s opioid crisis, you have to confront the fact that the mass drugging of the American people has been a deliberate policy, the British Empire’s new Opium War, to create an environment in which everyday drug usage is normal. Because a doped up population is content and servile. Once that’s clear, we can break from the system of British control, and address why our people are in such despair by rebuilding our economy.


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