Dr Iain McGilchrist & Dr Rupert Sheldrake – Intersection of Consciousness and Matter

how secular atheism in the West privatizes the mind

Source: Dr Iain McGilchrist

11 Dec 2023

Iain McGilchrist and Rupert Sheldrake delve into a spectrum of profound subjects, touching upon the essential role of spirituality in human endeavors, the revitalization of spiritual practices, and the fundamental structure of the cosmos. They discuss panpsychism’s implications for the interconnection of consciousness and matter, the enduring nature of memory, the archetypal forms that underpin our reality, and the subtle energy fields that animate existence. The conversation also navigates the terrain of values and the purpose they serve in our lives. —— Dr. Iain McGilchrist, PhD, is a distinguished psychiatrist and author, celebrated for his insightful analysis of cerebral asymmetry and its far-reaching impact on human civilization, as detailed in his influential book “The Master and His Emissary.” His recent work, “The Matter with Things,” builds on these foundations, delving deeper into the relationship between the brain’s structure and the complexities of reality, challenging our understanding of the interplay between matter and consciousness.

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