Developing the Physical Economy, Africa Transforms

Through advancements in technology, the economies of African countries participating in China`s Belt and Road Initiative, are taking a QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD!

In Kenya the new Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa to Nairobi is already boosting   economic development, creating productive employment and raising the skill level of thousands of Kenyans. The new super-modern  railway has become a symbol of pride and a sign of a brilliant future for people. The Djibouti – Addis Standard Gauge Railway is transforming lives and therefore the economy in Djibouti and Ethiopia. Ethiopia is rapidly becoming an economic power-house with both Djibouti and Ethiopia increasingly technologically advanced.

The second phase of the railway from Nairobi to Uganda is already under construction. It will bring with it to Ugandans, all the benefits it has proven to Kenyans. And it won`t stop there! The railway will very soon  connect the Great Lakes countries as well as South Sudan and Tanzania, transforming the economies of some of  Africa`s poorest and most war-ridden countries.


Source: CGTN Africa

China transforming transport in Africa ,  8 March 2018

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