Common myths about nuclear – Knox Msebenzi

an extremely enjoyable presentation by Knox Msebenzi, MD of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa ( NIASA) . The presentation is from 2017 but the facts remain forever relevant for those wishing to re-educate themselves about electricity from nuclear power.

Source: ChannelFMF

Common myths about nuclear – Knox Msebenzi

30 October 2017

The anti-nuclear lobby has embarked on a campaign to discredit nuclear by appealing to public fears. At the centre of this is the association made between nuclear power and corruption. The other major issue is the message that nuclear power plant constructions are always late and over budget. A related issue being advanced as a fear factor is that nuclear waste is a problem, that spent fuel is dangerous to the environment and lasts for thousands of years. This presentation addresses all these issues by debunking these myths and advancing the energy mix approach to electricity planning for South Africa.


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