And Now They Blame the Energy Minister

And Now They Blame the Energy Minister

by PD Lawton, 2 July 2022

In the continuing attack on common sense and sanity, South African climate activists and liberals from the Democratic Alliance are now blaming Eskom`s shortage of electricity on the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, leaving the rest of us speechless because this is absurd.

Green liberals such as Liziwe McDaid of The Green Connection demand that Minister Mantashe be held accountable and that South Africa immediately invests in more renewables. It is precisely due to her and activists like her that the country did not expand on its nuclear program in 2014. Had this been done, there would not be an energy crisis today.

Like any radical, such people are so entrenched in the brainwashing and so addicted to their green virtue signalling, they cannot hear or read about anything to the contrary such as the recent data from the IPCC that shows there has been zero global warming for the past 15 years and that nuclear energy is green.

This latest assault on Minister Gwede Mantashe could be put down to sheer stupidity and ignorance however, once you realize that Minister Mantashe`s energy policy is currently the only thing stopping South Africa from slipping into total darkness then you realize there are higher powers at play.

For example, why are so many South African climate activists connected to a German think tank called Friedrich Ebert Siftung when Germany and Deutshe Bank are leading Europe to de-industrialization and into a new Dark green Age.

On McDaid`s website, Green Connection, you can follow her funding to George Soros Open Society initiatives and to Friedrich Ebert Siftung.
Why has the American, George Soros funded ngo, Rivers International, relentlessly halted any progress of Grand Inga in the DRC when the installed capacity of Grand Inga could supply energy to most of the continent?

South Africa is at a critical juncture. Either it plays along with the Western oligarchy and their insane Net Zero policy or it takes the road to the new African paradigm.
The industrialization of all African economies will never be achieved using renewable energy. It is a simple physical impossibility which is why Minister Mantashe fights for nuclear energy and for South Africa to continue using its vast reserves of coal until the energy deficit can be closed.
No matter how much the media conflagrates the issue in order to confuse the public and obscure the discussion,Eskom cannot meet the demands of the nation`s energy needs because it has been under a sustained attack for the past 2 decades. The attack is on South Africa`s industrial capability and more broadly an attack on the development of Sub Saharan economies as South Africa is the gateway.

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