Africa`s Future Depends on Adopting Nuclear Power Generation

Dr Kelvin Kemm, world renowned South African nuclear physicist, explains in detail how nuclear energy is derived from uranium, how this process is 100% safe and the most reliable 24/7 , cheapest and greenest source of energy that we have. Africa is vast and hydro-power, wind and solar will not stand up to the climatic conditions or the sheer vastness of distances that the continent presents. The latest nuclear technology, Small Modular Reactors, which are a South African invention, can provide an energy solution to the continent`s needs. Dr Kemm explains why nuclear has a negative image and a great deal more in this highly informative interview with Ethiopian media, Talk to OBN.

Source: OBN Oromiyaa [Oromia Broadcasting Network]

TALK TO OBN|Dr Kelvin Kemm from Pretoria, South Africa,a Nuclear Scientist. former Chairman SA Necsa

25 August 2021


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