Advancing Africa’s Rail Network: The Africa Integrated High Speed Railway Network Workshop

Recent technical workshop held in Addis,12-14th December 2023, to discuss success of flagship projects, challenges and needs such as railway technical skills training in universities.Eric Ntagengerwa from the African Union talked to Philippa Dean

Jan 9, 2024 ADDIS ABABA

Join us for a special edition of “Coffee with the Editor” as we sit down with Eric Ntagengerwa from the African Union during the recently held railway technical experts workshop on the Africa Integrated High Speed Railway Network, a flagship project of the AU Agenda 2063, held in Addis Ababa from 12-14th December 2023.

Eric provides an in-depth look at the workshop’s objectives, including assessing the progress of pilot railway projects, discussing challenges in funding and regulation, and the importance of the Luxembourg Rail Protocol.

He also highlights the need for a robust information exchange platform and capacity building in the railway sector. Discover the key takeaways and renewed commitments from railway agencies and member states to collaboratively advance this monumental project.

Stay tuned for more updates and progress reports on this transformative project, as we continue to bring you the latest from the heart of African rail transport developments. Make sure you are subscribed to our platforms so you don’t miss out!

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