Adaptation Is the Answer

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The Chinese, Russians, and Koreans are building far more nuclear plants than we are doing in the west, and for much lower costs. There are also investment opportunities in the fuel cycle, that France is already a leader in, and the development of advanced nuclear reactors, such as the helium-cooled Pebble Bed Reactor, that would serve ideally for the American West and most of Africa.

Ultimately, the climate heroes of the future will not be hysterical teenagers or preening billionaires, but civil engineers and blue-collar workers who can build the systems — walls, dikes, reservoirs, nuclear and gas plants — that can reasonably confront the challenges of global warming.

Adaptation Is the Answer

by Joel Kotkin and  Hügo Krüger                 18 August 2023

Humans have adapted to a changing climate before, and we can do it again.

The world is careening toward a climate crisis, and by that we do not mean nasty weather or impending human extinction. The real challenge lies in adapting to a changing climate without undermining an already stressed global order, not to mention imperiling democracy.

The West’s current policy agenda, based almost entirely on the promotion of “renewable” energy, seems likely to produce only marginal gains while (according to McKinsey) costing $6 trillion annually for the next 30 years, equal to a quarter taxes collected and half of all annual profits worldwide. The question is not so much how we can “fight” climate change but how to do so in a way that does not create other, arguably more disruptive, changes in society and the economy.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle lies in geopolitical realities. In China, India, Vietnam, and much of Africa, the demand for affordable and reliable power has clear priority over achieving “net zero” in the near future. Ultimately what the West does may matter more to its own self-righteousness than the planet itself.

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Adaptation Is the Answer

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