Will South Africa Destroy Itself, While the Bitch Queen Laughs at Our Stupidity?

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Will South Africa Destroy Itself, While the Bitch Queen Laughs at Our Stupidity?

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Queen Elizabeth II (with handbag) at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, Nov. 27-29, 2009.

June 24—It is time that we have a discussion of some important truths that many of our fellow citizens stubbornly refuse to address.

Despite great strides made by the previous administration, South Africa is not yet a fully sovereign nation. Under the able direction of President Zuma, we correctly moved to align ourselves with the emerging New Paradigm, coming from the east, under the principal leadership of China’s President Xi and Russia’s President Putin, through our involvement in the BRICS alliance and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

However, thanks to the manipulations of British assets and agents in our political and financial elite, we still remain with one foot in the institutions of the collapsing Western monetarist system, and we have refused to break our ties with the evil British Empire. While the New Paradigm is based on respect for perfectly sovereign nations, working peacefully together for the common aims of all mankind, the old, decadent London-dominated paradigm continues to impose cruel limits on our sovereignty, especially on our ability to invest credit and labor for a better future.

The most important thing we can do to increase the prosperity and happiness of all of our citizens—black and white, man and woman, rich and poor, and of all religions—is to step fully into this New Paradigm by breaking free of the ideological shackles that bind us to the British Empire and its immoral outlook, which divides us into false categories or classes, such as white and black.

The racist policies under which our nation has suffered, and from which in many ways we still suffer, are a deliberate product of British manipulations. If we trace their origins, we see this in the policies of the British East India Company, and in its Dutch predecessor in South Africa, the Dutch East India Company. These are not “white” policies, but policies to subvert and control both black and white populations, for the benefit of the British (Anglo-Dutch) imperial elite, that are laundered as “white supremacist,” and which engender a “black power” response. In that way, whites keep blacks down, and then blacks fight whites, resulting in a so-called “race war.” I urge everyone who is falling into this trap, which is retailed by a British-dominated global media, to stop and think: Who benefits from all of this?

It is the truly disgusting, racist British imperial elite, who have used this method to divide people from their true self-interest and to keep people and nations under control. It is they who benefit.

At one point, the British and Dutch, and other imperial powers, openly used the whip, the bayonet, and the cannon. But always, lurking in the background just behind the uniformed soldier and colonial police, is the racist financial establishment, which issues the orders to the murderous and anti-human colonial administrators, and thus oversees the looting of the Empire’s colonies.

The Second World War, and the leadership of the great American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, forced a weakened Great Britain and the other European imperial powers to agree to set their colonies “free.” But FDR, a true emancipator in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln, did not live to see the fully sovereign and prosperous nations emerge from colonial Africa that he intended. After his death, the British were able to subvert his intent through their “Winds of Change” policy of “enlightened” colonialism, under which nations were granted a nominal political “freedom,” but were kept financially and economically tethered to the City of London and its Wall Street satrapy, thereby aborting their cultural and physical development.

Under colonialism, the British and the other imperial powers instigated wars with—and between—African monarchs and chiefs to destroy their ability to rule. They stole the Africans’ lands by conquest, backed up by colonial law, to force Africans into virtual slavery on the farms, and in the enterprises and homes, of the colonizers. Then, following World War II, the theft of land continued by “legal” means, while yet more of the African patrimony was stolen using NGOs—especially the World Wildlife Fund of the super-racist Prince Philip and his Dutch accomplice Prince Bernhard—to set up so-called “game preserves” for hunting and other enjoyments for the rich, while denying the land to everyone else. Africa has thus been kept in a condition of perpetual, enforced backwardness and underdevelopment, as desired by London and Wall Street.

The British Hate Africa’s Economic Potential

Enter China and Russia, and the BRICS alliance, which openly seek to unlock the vast economic potential of Africa, through credit for large-scale and other infrastructure and development projects. South Africa, with the only full-set economy on the continent—capable of making the machine tools needed for this new and great agro-industrial development—must serve as the engine for these projects, if they are to succeed.

Hatred of this wonderful potential lies behind a new British-inspired effort for “race war” in South Africa today, in response to South Africa’s efforts to address the domination of its economy by what is misnamed White Monopoly Capital and the existence of large “white” land holdings.

The issue to be addressed is, how can South Africa rid itself of British imperial control of its economy? That is not a white vs. black issue, no matter how many people scream otherwise. By turning it into a white vs. black issue, various British operatives misdirect our population, and protect the continued control of our nation by London and Wall Street dominated interests and their allies inside our nation. If the right buttons are pushed, we will get a “race war,” egged on by the fake news media sewers of the right and the left.

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President Xi Jinping of China and South African President Jacob Zuma shake hands at BRICS summit in Brazil, 2014.

The way to fight the imperialists is by working through the BRICS alliance to accelerate the progress already underway under President Zuma’s leadership towards our full incorporation into the New Paradigm. Our problem is that the new Presidency, under London and Wall Street asset Cyril Ramaphosa, has held back—even as South Africa prepares to host the BRICS summit next month. If the British, their flunkies, and their dupes have their way, we could find ourselves in the beginning a staged “race war” by that time.

As a patriot, I urge calm discussion of some basic truths:

The Radical Economic Transformation policy is flawed, because it does not consider what it proposes in the context of an overall agro-industrial policy for the nation.

If we do not have a defined agro-industrial policy actually in place, one that provides long-term, low-interest credit—that is, one unconstrained by London and Wall Street and their institutions of control, such as the IMF—ownership of land will not deliver the dreamed-of benefits, and, what’s worse, the expropriation of land would play into the British “race war” trap. The question of land ownership can only be discussed in this context.

It’s the Empire, Stupid!

There is no approach to the challenge of creating greater prosperity and opportunity for all South Africans, black and white, that does not begin by addressing the reality of British imperial control of what should be a sovereign economy. That control works through agents and assets in South Africa, but their power does not even derive from their domestic wealth or assets, but via their service to the London-centered imperial elite.

These agents’ power does not solely derive from property titles, and it is simplistic to believe that merely taking away their property will solve the problem of endowing our people with national sovereignty. That said, our government, in the name of sovereignty, does have both the right and obligation to confiscate and re-assign property titles whose ownership obstructs and subverts the national interest, and to determine fair compensation, if any.

A property title, as properly understood, is a contingent right granted by a national economy that does not establish an unlimited right to do whatever the holder wants, but requires that it serve a positive national purpose. When that title is abused, or used against the national interest—when land or other property is held back from development and misused against the interest of the people, which sovereign government is constitutionally bound to protect—the title holder can lose his or her title rights and the title can be transferred to someone else, under lawful due process.

For example, large amounts of land owned by the mining companies could most definitely be expropriated without compensation—or rather, without further compensation—through an orderly procedure. The companies have had plenty of compensation already.

Alongside the question of property titles, there is much to be done to make land serve a function. Urban and peri-urban land must have infrastructure—water, sewerage, roads, electric power. Owning farmland does not mean much if there is no infrastructure and you can’t get a bank loan to buy farm equipment, seed and fertilizer. Land transfers must not be to the detriment of productivity. Land expropriation will only work if long-term, low interest credit is available.

Placing the emphasis solely on expropriation and redistribution of property titles, puts the cart before the horse and opens the door to Brutish inspired “class warfare” and racial conflict. By placing the issue of redistribution in the proper context of a national agro-industrial development policy, and debating that policy, we will expose the racist British Empire and its assets as the enemy of our nation’s progress.

What we propose is to give blacks—and whites—the opportunity for productive, meaningful lives. Blacks must have ownership of their own destiny; the shackles of their economic oppression must be removed. That oppression is a relic of the continued presence of the British Empire. Let us forget about the false term “White Monopoly Capital” and call it by its proper name—the British Empire and its dying financial system. That the representatives of this imperial elite are white, and have names such as Rupert, Gray, and Oppenheimer, is not as important as that they collectively serve British imperial interests.

It really does not matter whether you are white, black, or purple—if you serve the British Empire, you are enemy of the future of our nation. The British are fond of pointing to all the blacks they have trained to run commerce and political life. All they have done is create a caste of Royal-rump-kissing traitors, whose ideas have infected our leadership, and through the media, our people.

Such people have committed and are continuing to commit serious economic and other crimes against our nation and our people, black and white. They should be exposed and prosecuted, and if convicted, enjoy years behind bars. This is what a nation must do to obtain its sovereignty.

These are the issues that we must address. This is what I and the LaRouche movement intend to make sure happens. In the end, you are either a patriot, or an asset of the British Empire. Many of you call yourselves patriots, but you wave the banners and repeat the slogans devised by the British Empire to foment “race war.” The time has come to wise up to their game of divide and control, and choose which side you are on. The future of our nation and of all Africa, depends on your choice.


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