‘We are isolated now’: Communications lost with many parts of Gaza

network in Gaza is cut as tonight`s nightly bombing starts

Source: Al Jazeera English

‘We are isolated now’: Communications lost with many parts of Gaza

27 October 2023

We don’t know about anything that is happening in other districts in the territory. Maybe there are new bombardments taking place in these areas. We don’t know how many victims. We can only hear bombardments everywhere, but we don’t know any anything about the casualties, about the situation on the ground. We don’t know anything also about the medical conditions of doctors, medical workers, even at the Al-Shifa Hospital [the largest in Gaza]. The situation is catastrophic right now. We can no longer communicate with the international community to send our voice to the world to know what is happening on the ground. I hope that this message might reach and have an access to the world despite what we have experienced throughout the last hour. We are now in a hospital and we are going to be live by satellite as much as we can and every single hour. So please, if you can hear us, send that message to the world that we are isolated now in Gaza. We don’t have any phone signals. We don’t have any internet connections. We found great difficulty even to communicate and contact with our relatives in different parts of the territory. Journalists here, even the citizens inside the hospital, they don’t have any access to the networks. They don’t have any kind of communication even with their neighbors. There is a great problem in the network connections. We don’t know how it’s dropped. We don’t know if it was targeted.

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